Quick Tips To Add Alexa to Your Car

by | May 6, 2018 | Blog, News


Alexa is popping up in devices everywhere, so it’s no surprise that the latest evolution of technology would bring her into your car.

Toyota, BMW, Ford, and Volkswagen have all vowed to integrate Alexa into the next generation of their infotainment systems. While you wait, however, you can add Alexa to your car immediately by using:

  • Garmin Speak – This app enables Alexa technology in the car for $150, and will streammusic, play your audiobooks, tell you the weather all hands-free. You can even route audio through your cars speakers.
  • Speak Music Muse Auto – For $70, you can go with the Speak Music Muse that plays its audio via Bluetooth through your car’s sound system.
  • Roav VIVA – For only $50, you can choose the Roav VIVA device attaches to your 12-volt socket or via USB connection. It provides voice-guided directions, but without a display, and it works with your car’s Bluetooth speaker.
  • ZeroTouch by Logitech – The cheapest option at $14 will do general commands, messaging, play music and navigate.
  • Echo Dot – You can always plug your EchoDot into your USB port, but you will also need to connect it to your phone’s hotspot for it to work.
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