Delivering the keynote at this year’s CES, Samsung co-CEO Boo-Keun Yoon made the bold prediction that, by 2020, all of his company’s products would be compatible with the Internet of Things (IoT). FierceWireless also noted that Samsung, in attempting to get out in front of what appears to be a huge wave of IoT products, is trying to steer the development of the technology toward the notion of “openness”: Yoon, who claimed Samsung’s IoT products would be accessible by anyone, maintained that “Without this kind of openness, there won’t be an Internet of Things… because the things won’t fit together.”
All this IoT talk fits in well with Samsung’s recent acquisition of smart home startup SmartThings, which created a mobile app that allows users to monitor, control, and automate their homes. The company’s future product pipeline also features a new, more powerful home hub, as well as a backup battery and cellular connection in case of power outages. SmartThings is also developing an automation subscription service that will notify customers (via text alerts) when something at home goes amiss.
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