Despite clear evidence that traditional methods of watching television are in decline, there are some advantages to live TV. The biggest one is immediacy; no matter how good OOT services become, the shared experience of watching something occur in real time (a sporting event, for example) is something that cable television delivers without peer. Dish Network hopes to square the circle between traditional and modern modes of viewing content with its newest offering, Sling TV.

Sling TV is an app that can be downloaded to various appliances, including smartphones, game consoles, tablets, and OOT devices like Roku. Then, after purchasing a subscription for $20 a month, users can watch live television, while also having access to current movie selections, available to rent for $5-$8. While not the Netflix smorgasbord of content, Sling TV is trying to hit the sweet spot for people who are thinking of cutting the cord, but don’t want to lose their link to
“live” TV.

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