Spotify’s New ‘Car Thing’ Device

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music in a car

“Hey, Spotify, What’s ‘Car Thing’?” This kind of command sounds familiar.

Spotify has always been a music player confined to an app on your desktop or smartphone, up until now. Now, Spotify is testing its first piece of hardware: a music player for your car. This new Spotify music player is simply called “Car Thing.”


The Deal with Spotify’s Car Thing

Currently, the Spotify “Car Thing” is not for sale. In fact, Spotify has no plans to put the device on sale at all. “Car Thing” is a research device designed to help Spotify understand its users’ habits, preferences and likes. According to the Spotify blog, the company still strives to be the number one audio platform and not a company that will be creating hardware for consumer use.


Testing “Car Thing”

A select group of Spotify Premium users are testing “Car Thing” in their cars. The device plugs into the user’s car and can access the user’s Spotify songs and playlists. The user can also interact with “Car Thing” saying “Hey Spotify.”

The part of the “Car Thing” to pay attention to is the voice-control feature. Spotify has also stated in its recent blog post that users can keep an ear out for a potential “Voice Thing” and “Home Thing,” too.

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