Sprint recently announced that Wi-Fi calling service is now available for customers who use an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, and 5c. The service will be bundled with an upcoming over-the-air software update. The introduction of Wi-Fi calling for newer iPhones gives Sprint a lineup with more than 25 devices that can use Wi-Fi for voice calls, which encompasses 15 million people, or more than 25%, of the company’s customer base.


The service is not without its warts. A Sprint spokesperson admitted the Wi-Fi-to-cellular handoff has not been operating seamlessly for all users, and that if a customer makes a call using Wi-Fi, and then moves beyond the coverage, a dropped call will likely result. Spring remains optimistic, however. “Wi-Fi calling is like a major expansion of our network, allowing Sprint customers to get coverage anywhere they have Wi-Fi connectivity,” explained David Owens, Sprint’s senior vice president of product development. “Traditional wireless technology has some limitations in places like basements and high-rise office buildings. Wi-Fi expands our customer’s connectivity in a big way.”

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