T-Mobile TV?

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Mobile streaming TV

In a surprise announcement last week, T-Mobile confirmed its acquisition of Layer 3, a high-end streaming media platform. T-Mobile TV will become a reality.

T-Mobile has made no secret of their desire to break into the cable-cutting market and offer their own, affordable streaming service. However, purchase of this high-end service somewhat complicates their market strategy which has been all about affordability. Layer 3 opened its doors back in 2016 offering a “concierge-grade,” high priced streaming service ranging from $75-$150 month.

The belief is that T-Mobile will dramatically restructure the pricing model for Layer 3 to begin offering the service to customers in select markets. They will roll out a demo of this product soon in Washington DC, Denver, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles.

T-Mobile’s CEO and President John Legere was quoted this week on DSLReports as saying “people are ready for choice and change! Well, good news ‘cause that’s exactly what we’re gonna bring!”

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