Tiny Antennas Are the Big Heroes

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Global Gigabit LTE service is just around the corner, slated for 2025. With it, not only will our phones and tablets will be Internet-connected but also our homes, cars and our entire cities. All of this magic happens thanks to one tiny device, the antenna.

At the heart of every networking device is a nearly invisible antenna, doing all the heavy lifting. Antennas allow devices to transmit and receive data wirelessly. If the load is too heavy, however, things can slow down, and reception can suffer.

RF engineers program antennas to transmit or receive at the right frequency at the perfect time. These sophisticated devices require more than one antenna to operate simultaneously. This process is called “impedance matching” and improves the performance and connectivity of networking.

Antennas in Wi-Fi

MU-MIMO, or multi-user, multiple input technology is a Wi-Fi trend involving antennas. In short, MU-MIMO uses more antennas to extend the wireless network throughout the home without using additional spectrum.  Internet routers are equipped with additional antennas and typically use beamforming technology, which focuses the WiFi signal to devices, improving both signal strength and range.

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