The shift toward enhanced mobile has almost conquered the whole of the United States, irrespective of race. A recently released study found that 77% of American mobile phone owners currently use a smartphone, with 91% of recent mobile phone purchasers opting for a smartphone (compared to 82% in Q4 2013). When broken out among various cultural groups, the growth is even more dramatic. For example, among Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, smartphone penetration is a whopping 90%, and in African-American communities, smartphone use among mobile customers reached 83%. The Hispanic-American population came in just behind at 82.4%. Comparatively, the penetration of smartphone use in the non-hispanic white population lagged, at just 74.2%.

When factoring in operating system preferences, the data is even more interesting. Overall, Android leads Appleā€™s iOS 49.5% to 43.6%. Hispanic-Americans, however, favored Android (53.8%) to a greater degree, although iOS did grow by 6% in this segment over the past year. Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, on the other hand, went for iPhones by a single percentage point. The rest of the available smartphone operating systems (Blackberry, Windows, etc.) combined for less than 8% customer penetration.

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