Why Many People Use ‘Dragon’ For Their Password

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SplashData has released an annual list of the most insecure passwords used, and for the past twenty years, the word “dragon” has topped the list. The list reminds users of the dangers of using insecure passwords like “123456,” “letmein” and “abc123.”

Experts first theorized that the use of the word dragon was somehow linked to the popular hit TV series Game of Thrones. But speculation now is that the word dragon is used due to the prevalence of the mystical creature in our video games and sci-fi movies.

The Answer is in the Data

SplashData comprises the password list from “hacked and leaked passwords.” Therefore, the data could be skewed from particular, insecure sites with a bias toward males born in the 1980’s when The Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons were popular with this demographic.

Regardless, Wired magazine recommends that everyone get a password vault. There is also no longer any excuse for using insecure passwords online.

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