In the midst of the cable business’ longtime profit bedrock, video services, under pressure from the weight of various challengers (notably, over-the-top distribution), FierceCable has identified a new area of opportunity: Wi-Fi.


Various analysts are starting to coalesce around the belief that Wi-Fi could balance out the decreasing numbers now seen in TV distribution. Says one such pundit: “Instead of thinking of Wi-Fi as an alternative to cellular everywhere Wi-Fi is available, we will instead to begin to think of cellular as a backup network needed only when Wi-Fi is not.”


Of course, the timeline and dimensions of the coming Wi-Fi revolution are still difficult to make out clearly. No one is sure how cable Wi-Fi will be monetized, for one thing. For another, most analysts don’t see any tangible results from Wi-Fi for another three years or so, mostly due to technical obstacles still to be overcome. However, smart minds and smart money are beginning to flow towards the idea of Wi-Fi eventually superseding cellular as the network of choice.

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