Hand rotating a button and selecting the level of speed.

CNET published a holiday slideshow primer, detailing various methods to speed up Wi-Fi in the home. Among them: relocating the router to a higher and more centralized position in the home, to take better advantage of the router’s tendency to spread its signal downward; installing powerline adapters to easily expand the number of access points in the building; taking advantage of the ongoing evolution in heatmapping software and apps; and switching to a less-crowded Wi-Fi channel.

Other easy-to-manage tips include fiddling with the router’s external antennas for better reception, configuring wireless security to deter unwanted piggy-backing on the wireless network, and switching to the 5 GHz spectrum to avoid the noise on the 2.4 GHz spectrum caused by Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, and some wireless peripherals.

And, of course, check out our website for more tips and information on getting better Wi-Fi.

Happy Holidays!

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