Comcast CTO Tony Werner, speaking at an INTX panel earlier this month, said that 60% of his company’s new customers use Wi-Fi exclusively to access content and services. This continues a trend of cable operators using Wi-Fi to bolster their service offerings. In fact, at the same INTX show, Comcast announced a new DOCSIS 3.1 modem/Wi-Fi router that is “capable of delivering gigabit wireless speeds, IP video technology, and integrated home automation and security capabilities.”

Comcast also announced a slew of new initiatives. In keeping with the company’s recent philosophy of being more open and collaborative, it announced support for a wide range of products and services in its smart home business, including devices from August, Cuff, Rachio, Whistle, and Nest Labs. Werner also mentioned that his company continues to be a supporter of OpenStack, a cloud operating system that controls computing resources through a datacenter, and the Cable WiFi Alliance, which is working to organize public Wi-Fi hotspots into an easily accessible and friction-free network.

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