FierceCable’s Mike Robuck penned a new report that looks at the failed mega-mergers of recent vintage (Comcast/Time Warner Cable, Bright House/Charter Communications), the possibility of future industry unions, and the impact all of this will have on cable Wi-Fi services. The most likely upcoming deals: Charter going after Time Warner Cable, Charter continuing its pursuit of Bright House, Time Warner merging with Cablevision, or Time Warner gobbling up Bright House. Both Charter’s CEO and Liberty Media’s CEO (which owns a 27% stake in Charter) have already publicly stated that they would be interested in Time Warner, should the Comcast deal fall through.

Robuck goes onto hypothesize how this cable industry integration will affect companies’ current Wi-Fi efforts. He notes that Charter is lagging behind other MSOs when it comes to Wi-Fi, and is still trying to crack the enterprise market. Meanwhile, many industry leaders are wondering whether they should follow Cablevision’s lead in offering voice over Wi-Fi. The answers to many of these questions may hinge on the moves major players will make in the very near future.

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