IHS Infonetics recently published a survey, the results of which confirm that Wi-Fi service providers are interested in migrating their services to Hotspot 2.0. The survey showed that about 25% of respondents expect that by 2016, more than a quarter of their access points will support Hotspot 2.0, which would allow seamless roaming between different Wi-Fi networks, as well as between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Richard Webb, research director fro mobile backhaul and small cells at IHS, noted that “revenue generation has become a key driver of carrier Wi-Fi deployments. Not only does Hotspot 2.0 support integration of Wi-Fi with mobile and fixed networks, but it supports the creation of new revenue models for Wi-Fi services.” Carriers are also interested in monetization strategies involving tiered hotspots and Wi-Fi roaming, which appear to be the fastest growing segments through 2016.

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