WiFi calling’s stature across the world continues to expand and, in response, operators such as Taqua have begun to ink deals with international channel operators and systems integrators. Taqua’s list of partners include PT. Lintas Technologi Indonesia, CommLogik (which serves Latin America), TCRP in the Caribbean, and Bynet Data Communications of Israel.


Another mobile data services provider, Aptilo Networks AB, is also seeing increased interest in its Wi-Fi voice calling technology: the company’s CEO recently affirmed that he is in talks with a variety of wireless, cable, and fixed operators. With more VoWiFi launches expected in the UK within the year, Taqua’s progress in the Middle East and Asia, and AT&T’s vow to launch a similar service by the end of 2015, Wi-Fi calling looks poised to become a big deal.

Of course, Wi-Fi calling will likely put even more strain on already overburdened home networks, making the case for service providers to bolster access points and ensure that Wi-Fi connections properly extend to every corner of the home where consumers might use them.

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