According to a new research survey by SITA, many international airports have started cutting back on free unlimited WiFi at airports. About 74% of airports currently offer free unlimited WiFi and it’s expected that by 2019, only 54% of airports globally will offer free unlimited WiFi.

But there’s a silver lining… Most international airports will likely continue to provide free WiFi so long as you don’t use it for too long or use too much data. Airports will probably put some restrictions in terms of data, time and speed. This will encourage users to pay for unrestricted access.

One of the reasons for these changes is simply because people are using a lot more data over WiFi, resulting in greater loads on the network. Charging high-bandwidth users could potentially decrease the load on the network.

In our last installment, we wrote about how Airplane WiFi is about to get 10x faster. People are demanding free WiFi access more than ever before. We’ve also seen the EU’s ambitious plans for wireless access.

And while we’re on the subject of free airport WiFi, check out this cool interactive map to access free WiFi at airports!

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