The Z-Wave interoperability layer was made part of the public domain recently. The Z-Wave Public Spec is now available for cloud service developers, gateway manufacturers, and anybody else who wants to use Z-Wave to develop smart home applications. Z-Wave is already used by AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, and nearly 400 other smart home device makers. Sigma Designs, who established Z-Wave, also announced that they are releasing the API spec for Z/IP and Z-Ware software products.

A spokesman for Sigma said that the company is releasing the specs now because its IoT interoperability is fully operational, and the S2 security framework is firmly in place. The Z-Wave Alliance will continue to shepherd and regulate the Z-Wave brand; developers will now be able to create plug-ins for connections through OCF, Amazon Web Services, and other cloud-based services that work with Z-Wave products and gateways.

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