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Feb 10, 2020Blog

It’s true, managing your entire home network can be overwhelming and feel like a ton of work. Does it feel like you are mostly guessing and crossing your fingers for the best outcome? That’s because without a plan or process, that’s exactly what you are doing. 

How do you relieve yourself from the stressful home network management role while still making sure that you know which devices are connected to your network, if they are secure and that everything is at optimal performance? It sounds like you could use a home network management system. You know, a platform that does all of the work for you. 

We have a solution for you: Optim

Optim Managed WiFi solution is the answer. 

You don’t have to let home networking stump you any longer. Take the guess work out of your home network with Optim. 

You might be thinking: Okay, that sounds great. But what exactly is Optim? 

Optim Managed Service Assurance Platform, Optim for short, is a cloud-based platform that users subscribe to. When you subscribe, you get full visibility into your home network. This allows you to automate and manage your devices and home network experiences. 

Optim also can provide your service providers’ technicians with real-time and historical data of your WiFi’s performance so that they can help with remote troubleshooting. 

When you subscribe to Optim, you can get access to tools that are easy to use to manage your home network and solve basic issues yourself.

Through Optim’s easy-to-navigate dashboard, you can manage the devices connected to your network, enhance your network security, and troubleshoot any issues you encounter by yourself or with a professional. 

Here’s a pros and cons list to consider when thinking about integrated system like Optim:

The Pros

There are many pros to subscribing to Optim as your WiFi management system: 

  • Resolve Wi-Fi issues before they become an issue
  • Reduce calls into tech support
  • Improve your home network’s performance
  • Have your entire network protected from security threats without having to manage software updates or downloads
  • Get self-serve troubleshooting and network management
  • Easily create a Guest Network for anyone visiting your home so that your main network remain separate
  • Cloud-based solution provides full visibility across your entire network
  • No hardware to deal with 
  • Self-healing intelligence and automation
  • Optimizes your WiFi’s performance using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology 

The Cons

Other than the fact that you have to subscribe to the platform, there aren’t any glaring cons to Optim. 

Think of it this way: It might be some money out of your pocket, but it is a whole lot more in savings: your time, energy, security and safety that you no longer have to fully manage yourself.

Optim is available through select Internet service providers. Ask your service provider for Optim today.

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