How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Help WiFi Cyber Security

Jun 17, 2020Blog

Protecting your home WiFi network all by yourself is possible. But it can be overwhelming. Regardless of how you get it done, cyber security is a must.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) and an AI-based tool like machine learning exist to make WiFi security easier.

First, let’s cover what is AI and what is machine learning? Then, how they can help streamline protecting you and your WiFi network.


What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – intelligence demonstrated by machines instead of humans.

Machine learning – a type of artificial intelligence. Machines learn from data to make automated decisions without humans outlining exactly what to do.

So, how is this connected to cyber security? Because cyber security requires processing lot of data. That’s a lot for humans to take on, and to do quickly or in real-time. Whether you are a cyber security company or someone at home trying to setup your own security measures, it can be too much.

Since machine learning is designed to process high volumes of data fast, it is an ideal solution over human processing.

Here’s what they can do:


How AI and Machine Learning work with cybersecurity

The detection and response rate of AI and machine learning is superior to what humans can do on our own. This is because of the mass amount of data we would need to go through to reach advanced cybersecurity.

To protect you and your WiFi, AI and machine learning can:

  • Use and process real-time behavioral data to discover WiFi network performance patterns
  • Identify new attacks again WiFi networks
  • Build cyber security solutions for WiFi networks
  • Steer you towards healthier and safer content online while connected to a WiFi network

A reliable WiFi solution that uses machine learning to offer advanced cyber security like this is Optim. Optim does everything listed above and more.

Optim uses machine learning to tap into advanced analytics to make sure your network is operating efficiently. This way, it can offer advanced security for you and your entire WiFi network, too. 

As a baseline, Optim also expertly manages and diagnoses performance issues within your WiFi network. Again, AI and machine learning helps with these benefits, too. As Optim continues to work on your WiFi network, it learns how to best guide and protect you while making sure your WiFi performs its best.


Will AI and Machine Learning replace us?

While AI and machine learning are ideal for cyber security and extremely useful, we shouldn’t fear that they will replace humans in this field. Yes, machines are able to learn patterns and act quickly, but humans have creativity, the ability to understand new things and focus on the right thing. Therefore, we need both to build well-rounded cyber security solutions.

OptimTM Managed WiFi solution is available through reputable Service Providers.  You can learn more about home networking and WiFi security with Actiontec’s Complete Guide to WiFi Networking.

Want more on the latest in cyber security? Follow Actiontec’s blog for more.

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