How to Boost Your Wi-Fi for Online Learning and Working from Home

Oct 8, 2020Blog

Online school and working remote are not new concepts. People were doing these things prior to today, however, the capacity has increased significantly. There are way more people connecting to the Internet from their homes than before. Because of this, reliable home WiFi networks are critical.

Is your home network robust enough to handle this rise in online traffic? If not, you need to boost your Wi-Fi. Here’s how you can get better Wi-Fi in your home.


Why You Need Good Wi-Fi

Good Wi-Fi makes using your home Internet a seamless experience. When your Wi-Fi performs fast and without any connection hiccups, it goes unnoticed because there are no interruptions. But when you experience dropped video calls, slow connection speeds or failures to send important documents, you notice immediately.

Good Wi-Fi means that your Wi-Fi signal is strong and fast throughout your entire home, including the hard to reach places like back rooms, multi-level floors, basements and even the garage or other outdoor spaces. You can be working from anywhere in your living space when your Wi-Fi is at its peak performance. If this doesn’t sound like your current situation, then it’s time to give your Wi-Fi a boost. Here are a few quick steps that you can do yourself.


Boosting Your Wi-Fi

Boosting your Wi-Fi signal means boosting your Wi-Fi speed, which boosts the performance overall. You can do this in two easy ways:

  1. Move your router.
    If your router is tucked away in your home, there’s no mystery to why your Wi-Fi is suffering. Your router and devices need a clear, direct path to one another. Locate your router as central as you can to the other devices in your home and ensuring that it’s elevated off of the floor can also help.
  2. Use Wi-Fi boosters.
    If you tried moving your router and things are still too slow, then you should rely on a Wi-Fi booster. This can be anything from a MoCA network extender to a MoCA network adapter. Either way, these tools are wired solutions that make your Wi-Fi better.

So, for devices like a work or school laptop that requires you to be stationary while in use, why not wire up to guarantee reliable, fast Internet? Leave the convenience of wireless Internet for your phone.

Want more Wi-Fi tips like this? Check out Actiontec’s Complete Guide to Wi-Fi Networking or Actiontec’s blog.

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