How to Get the Best WiFi in Your Home Office

Mar 30, 2020Blog

When you have a solid wireless home network, you can be sure that you have the best WiFi everywhere in your home, including your home office.

Making sure that your home network is optimized so that you have the best WiFi in your home office will be a game changer. You won’t have to deal with unreliable WiFi and interruptions again.  Say goodbye to buffering video chats, poor audio or slow loading files and say hello to reliable working conditions.

Getting the best WiFi in your home office is not difficult to set up, you just have to know what you need and what to do. Here’s what you need to know:

5 Things you Need to Optimize Your Home Network

Like we said, set up is easy, you just have to have the right parts. When it comes to making sure that your WiFi network is optimized, here are the components you will need:

First thing is first: make sure that you have a WiFi internet connection set up. If not, call your internet service provider (ISP) to get that set up. Then you can dive into the rest.

  1. Router 
    The router is the central component of your entire home network. This is the device that all of your other devices connect to (or receive the WiFi signal from). When your router is placed in an open area free of obstacles, your WiFi signal will be at its strongest. A strong WiFi signal equals fast WiFi speed.

    So, when setting up you home office to have the best WiFi, make sure that your router is central, off the floor and nothing is blocking it. Making sure you have a modern router model will also help your WiFi internet connection.

  2. Modem
    A lot of modern routers are dual devices meaning that they are both the router and modem in one. However, it is important to know that a router and modem are not the same thing. The modem is the hardware that connects the router to the internet. Your router depends the modem so that it can be the middleman to get your devices connected to the internet.
  3. Network Adapters
    Network adapters help strength your WiFi network by using the existing wiring in your home. Using network adapters does not mean that you are now tethered down with wires, but they offer you the reliable internet connection that a wired connection would give you. In other words, they give you faster speeds so you lose the congestion from too many devices connected at one time.

    There are a few kinds of adapters to be aware of. Two kinds to know are MoCA network adapters and powerline network adapters.

    Powerline network adapters create a physical connection between your router and a single device. These adapters use the existing powerline wires in your home to establish a connection.

    MoCA network adapters are similar to powerline adapters because they also make the physical connection to a single device. However, MoCA adapters use your home’s existing coaxial wiring to create a high-speed Ethernet connection.

    You can use either of these adapters to get the best WiFi in your home office. All you have to do is get a pair of adapters, plug on into an outlet near your router and plug the other into an outlet near your laptop or other device. 

  4. Network Extenders
    While network adapters help strengthen your WiFi connection, network extenders (WiFi extenders) help expand the reach of your WiFi signal. WiFi Extenders will remove any internet dead spots in your home, so you can make sure that the WiFi coverage in your home office reaches every corner.
  5. Tools to Manage Your Network
    One of the most important things to making sure that your WiFi network is always performing its best is making sure it is managed and secure. Not only will this keep you safe (and your family and guests), but a managed home network runs smoother, faster and stronger!

    Optim Managed WiFi Solution is a tool to optimize your home network. Optim manages all of the devices connected to you network, enabling automatic band steering for optimal speeds and offers advanced security. Optim is available through reputable internet service providers (ISP).

    Setting up Optim in your home will manage your entire network and all of the devices connecting to it. Therefore, any device you use in your home office will get the best WiFi connection, speed and security.

Getting the best WiFi for your home office isn’t a difficult task. Chances are that you already have WiFi in your home and you are looking to enhance it. Investing in network adapters, extenders and a WiFi management system like Optim are sure-fire ways to make sure your WiFi home network is its best everywhere, but especially in your home office workspace.

Looking for more tips on keeping your home network performing its best? Check out Actiontec’s Industry Articles and the Actiontec blog. We update both regularly with tips and industry news.

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