How to Keep Data Vampires (and Other Creepy Things) Off Your Wi-Fi Network

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vampire hacker

You depend on your home network for so many things like purchasing your Halloween costume online, or finding a ghoulish recipe for your office Halloween party. Your Internet is slowing down, but you may not even realize an unwanted entity is there.

Among the things that go bump in the night, data “vampires” can leech off your home network without your even knowing. These uninvited guests not only use your Wi-Fi, they may also tap into your private information through your network.

Identify Data “Vampires”

How do you know when your WiFi is being used by someone outside of your home?  Thankfully some WiFi management and security tools, like Actiontec’s Optim, are available to help people safeguard homes and families from many of these cyber security threats.

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