How to Protect Your Home Wi-Fi in 5 Simple Steps

May 25, 2020Blog

Here are the top 5 must-haves for protecting your home Wi-Fi:

1.    Change the default name of your home Wi-Fi network to something unique.

Hackers know how to guess the default names. That’s why you need to change it to something more unique. Avoid using your name, address or other personal information when creating the new name.

2.    Make your wireless network password strong and unique.

Similar to a unique network name, you need a unique and strong password. The same rules apply here when creating a secure Wi-Fi password: avoid using your name or other personal information. It’s best to use a random password generator to create one, and then storing it with a password manager.

3.    Enable network encryption.

Enabling encryption makes your communication safer. This way, you can send messages and data over your network without them being hacked in transit. Otherwise, hackers can get to your data via email or other tools that you use on your Wi-Fi network.

For example, while working from home, you need to make sure your company’s files are sent and received securely. Encryption will help make this possible.

4.    Keep your router updated and protected with a firewall.

An updated router is a secure router. Make sure you run regular updates and enable a firewall. You can also use a Wi-Fi management tool like Optim with advanced security and router security to secure your whole network.

5.    Use a virtual private network (VPN) when accessing your network.

Lastly, use a virtual private network. A VPN is another form of encryption that secures your internet connection and protects your privacy. You absolutely need to use a VPN when on public Wi-Fi, but using it on your home network can also help keep you and your information safe. For example, using a VPN while working from home will protect you and your company when you access your company’s servers.

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Protecting your home Wi-Fi is simpler than you might think.

Optim is a holistic solution to every element of your home network, from home Wi-Fi network security to optimizing your Internet. Ask your Internet service provider if Optim is the right solution for you.

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