Is Home Plug Better than WiFi?

When so many devices in the home connect to WiFi, you may notice some serious lagging. Bogged down routers, home structural details, and devices that demand high amounts of bandwidth can all take a toll on your Internet performance. When your WiFi isn’t enough, you may turn to other Internet boosting technologies. Tools like powerline adapters can provide you with an optimal Internet connection that doesn’t rely entirely on WiFi.

Signs Your WiFi is Underperforming

  • Some rooms in your home get stronger WiFi signals in others.
  • You experience slow or spotty WiFi connection when someone is streaming videos or online gaming.
  • You experience slow or limited WiFi connection in the garage, basement or out on the deck.
  • Streaming videos often have to buffer.
  • Online gaming is frequently interrupted due to an insufficient connection.

How Does HomePlug Improve Network Performance?

If you find your network is bogged down with too many connected devices or your router simply doesn’t have the signal strength to reach all areas of your home, a physical connection could be the right solution for you. We’re not suggesting covering your home with Ethernet cords. Instead, a powerline adapter like HomePlug can create a physical connection between your router and a specific device that needs consistent Internet, like gaming consoles or computers.

Powerline network adapters plug into the wall outlets in your home and use the existing wiring to deliver an Internet connection throughout the home. Setting up a powerline adapter couldn’t be easier. Powerline adapters work in pairs. One adapter is plugged in near the router and the other is plugged into an outlet near the selected device. Using an Ethernet cable, connect your device to the adapter.

Alternative Networking Solutions

  • HomePlug has been available and remained relatively unchanged since entering the home networking market in 2010. powerline networking is considered the updated version of HomePlug, offering faster speeds through powerlines, telephone wiring, coaxial cables and optical fiber.
  • Optimize your WiFi network with a managed WiFi solution. Managed WiFi makes it easier to view your entire home network, manage the devices connected, and even direct your devices to the ideal bandwidth for optimal performance.

So, is HomePlug better than WiFi? HomePlug alone isn’t better than WiFi, but using both HomePlug and WiFi simultaneously can provide you with an optimal connection and improve your Internet speeds throughout your home.

Overwhelmed by your WiFi networking options and not sure what solution is right for you? Actiontec’s customized WiFi Planner offers recommended Internet speeds and WiFi equipment based on your home’s needs.

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