It’s Summer! Extend Your Wi-Fi Tech to the Deck!

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WiFi on the deck outside

Summer officially begins today – June 21! With the warmer weather, many of us spend lots of time on our decks, patios, pools, and back yards. But oh… those WiFi dead zones!

These days, no one wants to abandon their wireless technology – streaming music, surfing, keeping connected – to enjoy the outdoors. If you’re bringing your tech to the deck, remember that your Wi-Fi network needs to extend outside with you.

How to extend your Wi-Fi to the backyard

If you already have coaxial wiring in your home, the best way to extend the range of your WiFi router is to choose WiFi network extenders or adapters with bonded MoCA 2.0 technology. A MoCA Network Extender or Adapter will help eliminate WiFi dead zones while creating a 1 Gbps superhighway between your router and a WiFi access point.

Standard mesh repeaters do extend the WiFi signal, but at the same time they take up some of the bandwidth for their connection. On the other hand, WiFi Network Extenders with MoCA use a wired connection to your router through existing coaxial wiring in your house. This creates a super-fast backhaul and saves all the bandwidth for your WiFi devices. The result: no WiFi dead zones, and a superhighway for your WiFi traffic with a fast, reliable signal for all your devices.

Network Security

With improved WiFi into your back yard, neighbors now may be able to access your home network and use up your data.  To avoid this, make sure you’ve got a good password.  Avoid “1-2-3-4” or “admin” or some other easily hackable password.

Now, go enjoy the great outdoors with all of your wireless technology conveniences!

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