July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

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cell phone courtesy

Cell phones are a major part of people’s lives, and we can forget how vital face-to-face social interaction can be. July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month and here are a few tips to get back to basics and remember those around you.

  • Put the phone away when you’re at dinner, with friends, or in a meeting. If you need to take an emergency call, excuse yourself quietly, and make it brief.
  • Turn your phone on vibrate or silence any alerts even when just eating dinner with the family. It’s not only polite, but also shows the other person that they are your priority.
  • If you need to excuse yourself to make a call, step at least 10 feet away from the people around you.
  • Honor safe driving and hands-free rules. Avoid texting and phone calls while driving. It’s not only safe; it’s the law.

Common courtesy is something we might try to remember all the time, not just in July.

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