Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Clean

Jun 10, 2020Blog

For most of us, connecting to the internet is the number one thing we do every day. It’s so easy to do. Especially because WiFi is everywhere: your home, your friend’s home, the airport, the café. You name it. But do you know if your WiFi connection is clean?

A clean WiFi connection means virus-free and safe.

We aren’t just talking about an infected computer or handheld device. Did you know that your router can get infected, too?

You might not even notice if your router is infected. But if it is, there can be a world of trouble for everything on the network connected to it. That’s why, you need to make sure your internet connection is clean. Here’s how:

Why & how to protect your router

Keeping your router and internet connection clean can be easy to do. And it is important to do. If your router gets infected, hackers have an easier job of getting your sensitive information.

For example, if hackers can get in, they can lead you to fake sites that look real. If you enter your information into these duped sites (for example, your bank’s site) then the hackers can get your credentials.

There are router checkers out there that can help you assess if your router is clean or not. But you can also be proactive with a WiFi manager that constantly troubleshoots and flushes the network, so that you know your router connection is always clean.

Optim WiFi Management Solution™ makes sure that your router and settings on your devices connect to safe servers and content. The system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify any threats and act on keeping them out of your WiFi network. With AI and machine learning, Optim also learns to steer you toward safer connections as it identifies threatening patterns.

With Optim, you can trust that your WiFi connection is always clean.

You can get Optim set up on your home or business’ WiFi network today. That means making sure your internet connection is clean, starting today. Why wait? Whether you are in the office, working from home, or connecting to the internet for entertainment, make sure it’s safe.

Why risk waiting?

Want more heads up on WiFi and internet security tips you should know? Find them on Actiontec’s blog.

You can also take the guess work out of your home network with Optim by calling our Internet service provider and asking for Optim today. Through Optim’s easy-to-navigate dashboard, you can manage the devices connected to your network, enhance your network security, router security and troubleshoot any issues you encounter by yourself or with a professional.

For more WiFi security resources, check out our Complete Guide to WiFi Security for Your Home Network.

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