Now Even Your Trash Can is Smart

by | Jun 17, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

smart trash can

Simplehuman has a new rectangular trash can that comes standard with a sensor and voice control.

The new smart trash bin boasts of double compartments and opens with a simple voice command “open can” making hands-free disposal a snap. If you choose not to use the voice controls you can also use a motion “swipe over” that will automatically open the lid as well.

Dual compartments make sorting and recycling easy and efficient while the smart features adapt to your environment to avoid false triggers or unexpected closure. The trash side of the bin also stores and dispenses liners from inside for a quick change  (Code H liner refill packs are available online). The other compartment has a convenient handle for quick lifting and removal of recyclables.

The unit comes in your choice of five snazzy colors including black, white, rose gold, silver, and bronze.

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