PURP Screen Protector Blocks Harmful Blue Light from Our Eyes

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It’s no secret. People spend endless hours staring at their phones.  But what does this do to our eyes and our overall health?  Over time, without protection or mindfulness, the artificial light from our devices has the potential to cause great harm.

A mobile screen protector known as PURP protects human eyes from blue light waves emitted from our devices. The product has been developed but the project is currently in the funding process through Kickstarter. The product will only launch if it reaches its funding goal by Sat, December 8 2018 8:00 AM CST.

The phone screen apparently blocks out 90% of the blue light that our devices emit. And it claims to do this without altering the feel or high-quality color from the picture.

How is blue light harmful to the human eye?

Our bodies use natural blue light from the sun to regulate our sleep and waking patterns. Natural blue light waves help us in a few ways:

  • Boost alertness
  • Heighten reaction times
  • Elevate our mood

The artificial blue light our devices generate is different than the blue light waves from the sun. Our eyes are not effective at filtering out this kind of blue light because of its short wavelength, which produces a higher amount of energy. It also can also alter our sleep and alertness patterns.

Additionally, 100% of blue light waves travel straight through the cornea and into the retina (the inner lining of the back of the eye). Too much can lead to vision loss and other incurable diseases like macular degeneration. We are able to filter all other visible lights and their wavelengths through our eyes, but not blue light.

Other than consciously taking more time to set down our devices, the PURP protective screen will be a good option for protecting our eyes.

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