Save On Your Energy Bill with Smart Thermostats

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As temperatures begin to drop, your energy bills will rise. But the good news is that with smart thermostats you can save money each year on your energy bill.

Smart Thermostats Are Cost Effective

In 2017, smart thermostats quickly became one of the most popular smart home technologies. Many consumers installed thermostats in their homes and saved upwards of $131 to $145 on their energy bills per year, according to estimates by popular smart thermostat company, Nest.

How Smart Thermostats Work

Smart thermostats allow users to connect to them through internet connected devices and apps. Because you can do this, you can make sure you lower the heat in your home during the day while you’re at work or traveling no matter where you are in the world.  No more worrying about whether you forgot to turn down the heat or not, you can look at the app and turn it down or off in a second.

Most smart thermostats work like any other thermostat, telling you the temperature and offering you controls to raise or lower the temperatures, turn on/off the heat, AC and more. They can regulate the temperature throughout your entire home. Some models use geofencing, which means there are multiple sensors that you place throughout the house to adjust temperatures in individual rooms.

Other Savings with Smart Thermostats

There are other ways to save on your energy bills by installing a smart thermostat. Many utility companies offer significant discounts on the devices for enrolling in “demand response” programs, which allow the companies to reduce a customer’s electricity usage periodically, so they’re not demanding as much energy from the grid.

In a program like demand response, you give up a little of your control for discounts, rebates, and deals like bill credits. Though you agree to give your utility company some control over your thermostat usage, you still have the freedom to change the temperature settings if you feel too hot or too cold.  Today, nearly 1.4 million customers participate in one of these programs.

Other programs, like hourly rate programs, encourage customers to run dishwashers or other appliances at the times of day where the electricity rates are cheapest.

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