Smart Glasses May Help Prevent Strokes

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A Taiwan startup company called Neurobit Technologies recently created wireless smart glasses designed to predict and prevent strokes and other brain diseases, according to Digitimes. The company won an AEA 2018 innovation award for the device.

How do the glasses work?

The glasses record nystagmus waveforms — which are rapid involuntary movements of the eyes — and analyze related image data. The glasses provide the wearer with data about their brain health, which can then be analyzed with AI to give the doctors specific nystagmus records of their patients.

In roughly 30 minutes, the glasses can perform 10 measurements of eye movements and record the whole process for the patient. The glasses gather different types of nystagmus data, some of which are imaging data, including:

  • Horizontal visual tracking
  • Vertical visual tracking
  • Gazing
  • Saccade

Other features that these smart glasses include are:

  • Pre-hospital recording
  • In-hospital diagnostic classification
  • Post-discharge result tracking functions
  • Lightweight and slim, 3D print design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Battery life up to one hour
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