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Apr 27, 2020Blog

If you work from home, you need solid Wi-Fi and the technology that allows you to do all of your daily tasks. Think of the entire setup you need to successfully work from home:

  • Fast internet connection
  • Ability to upload and download files
  • Ability to run video conference calls smoothly
  • A Wi-Fi network that can support multiple devices connecting at once
  • Enough Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home and more.

How do you make sure that all of this can happen? There are multiple tools and technologies out there that can help. Here are some of the best technology and tools for working remotely:

What you need for a fast internet connection when working from home:

To make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is fast enough to support your work from home needs, make sure that your Wi-Fi signal strength is strong. Without a good Wi-Fi signal strength, you won’t have fast internet speeds. They depend on one another.

First, check your Wi-Fi speed to see where it is at. Then, check your Wi-Fi signal strength. Since Wi-Fi speed is directly affected by your signal strength, you will want to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

You can boost your Wi-Fi signal by doing a few things:

  • Checking your overall Wi-Fi – is it set up? Are there underlying issues? Contact your internet service provider (ISP) first to make sure you have wireless internet in the first place.
  • Moving your router to a more optimal location in your home
  • Using network extenders and adapters to get a stable internet connection
  • Managing your whole network to take the frustration and stress out of your workday

There are tools and devices to help with each of these. These tools and devices will help get you better internet speeds, but also help with so much more. Keep reading to see what they are and how they help you successfully work from home.

What you need to make sure you can upload and download files when working from home:

Without fast internet speeds, performing daily tasks like downloading and uploading important files will be a nightmare. (If you can even send or receive them at all.)

Some tools that will help get you fast, reliable internet are:

Once you have fast internet at home, you will be able to work in confidence. But there’s more to pay attention to, and that is your overall internet coverage. It’s one thing to have fast internet in the space you designate as your “office.” But to make your Wi-Fi connection completely reliable, you need to have solid wireless internet in every inch of your space.

Maybe you can get away with tucking yourself into the one corner you know the internet is strong to get your daily tasks completed. But when it comes to meetings via phone or video conference, that won’t cut it.

What you need for video conference calls when working from home:

There are many video conference and chat apps out there that allow you to communicate with your coworkers. Zoom, Skype, Slack, GoToMeeting and FaceTime are some of the most popular. But in order to successfully host your calls or meetings, you need to have a solid internet connection. And it needs to be throughout your entire home network.

Otherwise, your audio might drop out.

Or, your video might lag or freeze completely.

Either way, these are not conditions for a successful meeting.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi coverage is everywhere in your home. If your internet speeds are already fast enough and your signal is strong, but you can only access it from one room, or worse one corner, you need to extend the Wi-Fi range.

Wi-Fi extenders will get that ideal coverage for you. They take your router’s Wi-Fi signal and stretch if to every corner of your home. That way, you can do your work and take a meeting wherever you are in your space without any interruptions.

How to manage all of this technology when working from home:

This might feel like a lot to keep track of, especially because you are already keeping track of the work that you need to get done. But in order to successfully work from home, you need to pay attention to all of these possible interruptions and troubleshoot them when they arise. There’s no doubt that doing all of this yourself will get frustrating and stressful.

Using a Wi-Fi management tool to manage all of this technology for you can decrease your stress and improve your productivity while working from home.

One tool you can rely on is Optim.

Optim takes inventory of all the devices connecting to your network, immediately jumps on fixing any Wi-Fi issues and helps your network perform better.

On top of streamlining your network, Optim also enhances your network security, and troubleshoots any issues you encounter by yourself or with a professional.

Optim guarantees that you will feel less overwhelmed when working from home, because your mind will be on your work, not your home Wi-Fi network. You will know it’s working because you won’t notice it at all.  That way, when you complete a productive day of work, you can shut down your laptop, kick back and be more relaxed.

Optim is available through select Internet service providers. Ask for Optim today.

Learn more tips and tricks to upgrade your Wi-Fi for working from home by following the Actiontec blog. You can also follow industry and technology news on the blog.

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