Top Cyber Security Tips for Working from Home

Jun 24, 2020Blog

Don’t let your guard down while working from home. When we are at work in the office, internet security is taken care of for us. Therefore, we might be under the impression that working from home is more secure than it really is.

That’s why it’s important to make an effort with cyber security. We can make the most of working from home all we want, but security must be at the top of that list.

Here are the top cyber security tips to keep you (and others) safe online while working from home.


Update & Protect Your Devices

Make sure that your programs, devices and operating systems are regularly updated. These updates roll out often to prevent cyber criminals from breaking in. Keeping your system and devices safe will protect you and your coworkers.


Be aware of scams and oversharing

Pay attention to what you agree to do online and what information you are sharing. Don’t give personal information to people you do not know.

This includes being careful when posting pictures and videos that might have private information in them. You might think posting a picture on your social media of your adapted workstation is innocent, but what if a confidential document is visible in the background?

When it comes to video conferences and screen sharing, pay attention to what is on your screen before sharing. This might save you an awkward moment but will definitely protect your from sharing anything private.


Use a VPN

We’ve said it a bunch and we will say it again: Use a VPN. The purpose of a virtual private network is to protect you and others. A VPN’s encryption makes it safe for you to send and receive confidential files between coworkers.


Secure your Home Network

Making an effort to be safe with your online activity and devices is a piece of the cyber security puzzle. But making sure that your network is secured as a whole can be a lot of work.

Wi-Fi management is a role that you can take on yourself or you can outsource to a platform. On your own, that can be a lot of data to comb through and devices to remember. With things like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Wi-Fi management platforms can do the work in a fraction of the time.

A tool like Optim is designed to make home networking and cyber security easy. Enhanced security, troubleshooting tools, and network maintenance are at your fingertips from your smartphone or computer.

Optim is available through select Internet service providers and can help you lockdown your home network security today.

Make working from home the best, safest experience you can by following these tpo cyber security tips.

To learn more or find out if Optim is available to you, check out Actiontec’s Home Networking Solutions guide. For more Wi-Fi tips like these, check out Actiontec’s blog.

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