Voice Control is Key Feature in Smart TV Purchase Decisions

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Parks Associates report, “The Impact of AI on Consumer Entertainment,” concludes that 43% of US broadband households that own or plan to purchase a smart TV or streaming media player look for voice control features for their next purchase. 55% consider using voice to control connected entertainment devices an appealing feature.

At the same time, as artificial intelligence (AI) continues to develop in smart home devices for customized user experiences, consumers are growing more concerned about the security of their personal information.

Key personal information concerns include:

  • Hacking online services or devices to obtain personal information
  • Companies selling personal information to other companies
  • Companies collecting usage behavior on websites and apps

The report found that 75% of US broadband households want control over their personal data and are worried about unauthorized users having access to their information. Additionally, fewer than 33% of consumers trust providers to keep their data secure.

Other findings include:

  • The average US broadband household has 10.4 connected devices.
  • 49% of US broadband households say that an app that deletes collected data would make them more feel more secure about using an online service.

For more information from Parks Associates, click here.

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