What are Wireless Dead Zones and How to Eliminate Them

May 27, 2020Blog

Do you have Wi-Fi dead zones in your home? That is a problem. Wireless dead zones (or dead spots) make entertainment and working from home difficult.

Wi-Fi dead zones are areas in your home that do not get a strong enough Wi-Fi signal. As a result, your connection is slow, spotty or non-existent.

How can you tell if you have dead zones and where they are?

Good news: You don’t really need a Wi-Fi detector to know you have dead zones in your home. If your Wi-Fi cuts out or is slow in certain spots, you know.

The bad news is…well, dead zones are bad news for your Wi-Fi internet experience.

There are ways to prevent wireless dead zones and ways to eliminate them once they occur. Here’s how to find, fix and avoid Wi-Fi dead zones in your home.

The best way to prevent or get rid of Wi-Fi dead zones

You can prevent or get rid of Wi-Fi dead spots by making sure that your Wi-Fi signal is strong and reaches far enough in your home. There are a few Wi-Fi booster tools that will help you with that:

Wi-Fi analyzers:

The first thing you can do is check your Wi-Fi signal strength. A weak signal is the culprit for dead zones. Wi-Fi analyzers will let you know what’s going on with your home Wi-Fi network.

First, figure out what’s going on with your Wi-Fi network. Identify whether or not there are no other underlying Wi-Fi network issues. 

Wi-Fi extenders:

When you need your Wi-Fi signal to stretch farther, use Wi-Fi extenders. Wi-Fi network extenders give you reliable, solid Wi-Fi as if you had a wired set up in your home. In fact, they can work with a wired network just as well as with a wireless network Either way, you get the reliable wireless internet you want in every corner of your home.

Note: You need to boost your Wi-Fi signal, regardless. If your signal is weak, a Wi-Fi extender won’t make it stronger. The Wi-Fi extender will just stretch the reach of your existing weak signal.

So, first thing’s first: boost your Wi-Fi signal strength. (You can do this in minutes.)

Once your signal is good, you can get it to reach every inch of your space.

Actiontec’s Wi-Fi extenders paired with MoCA technology and supporting next-gen Wi-Fi 6 means you can get the power of a wired or wireless connection. That means less Wi-Fi congestion, faster video streaming, smoother connections and high-quality Wi-Fi to all corners of your home.

Want more tips on making your home Wi-Fi network better? Check out Actiontec’s blog or learn more on Actiontec’s Complete Guide to Wi-Fi Networking for tons of resources.

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