WiFi 6 and 5G Have Massive Changes for the Wireless World

Jan 14, 2020Blog

Our world has been wireless for some time now (20 years to be exact). So, it’s pretty well known the power and amazing things that WiFi has done for our world. But as there have been many major shifts in the past, there are more to come. Actually, they are already here. With WiFi 6 and 5G rolling out, we can expect to see some big changes, both advantages and risks.

WiFi 6 & 5G Make Everything Wireless

With WiFi 6 and 5G, everything is wireless, or at least has the opportunity to be. Does that mean we can completely cut the cord and say good riddance to the Ethernet cable? Maybe. “Everything wireless” is an amazing advantage. Especially for the following areas:

Reducing the worry of damaged wiring

There are a lot of wired networks that run the risk of damage. They require constant maintenance, expenses and security. With WiFi 6 and 5G, this need is greatly reduced because satellites have a greater ability and reach for delivering wireless signals.

Now, rural areas can receive wireless signals in a more efficient, cost-effect way. Also, this new wireless support allows industries that have been traditionally wired like hospitals, hotels, office buildings, etc. to go fully wireless.

Eliminates existing points of failure

The advancements of WiFi 6 and 5G also help with better bandwidth, availability, lowered cost of installation and ownership for devices. This means that connected devices could be pre-configured, so that all you have to do is plug it in and you are good to go.

Less PC, more smartphone

Our smartphone usage is going to rise because of the wireless performance that WiFi 6 and 5G promise.

The common advantages that we can expect with this new wireless wave is lowered costs, efficiency and better connection overall. However, with big advantages comes big risks if we are not careful.

WiFi 6 & 5G Introduce New Risks

Like with everything new, you have to figure it out. Here are some of the new risks that we could face:

Dealing with old infrastructure and isolated networks

There is a new risk with security defenses. Going completely wireless will force our old and isolated infrastructure to conform to the new wireless standards. This will open up exposures that don’t currently exist with the equipment. Those that made this infrastructure only had to worry about physical defense in the past, and will now have to defend against cyberattacks.

Central Hubs become attractive targets

Everything going wireless means there will be large central hubs. Inevitably, these will become attractive targets to cyber attackers. Breaching one site could result in a massive breach as a result. These central hubs will need to have a solid defense to protect against these attacks upfront. However, typically the solid defense is put in place after a major breach.

Video and camera attacks

Lastly, this better technology means that high-definition video streaming becomes better at a much larger scale. Also, there are more and more wireless devices that can see you without a visible camera. This digital exposure gives attacker the opportunity to see into your private lives, home or office.

Live it or fear it?

At the end of the day, these wireless advancements offer a lot of good. However, it is important to remember that there are risks and to keep them top of mind. Whether we are ready or not, WiFi 6 and 5G are upon us, so we need to be prepared.

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