According to a new survey,  more than half of broadband users have never tested the speed of their Internet connection. Moreover, the survey, composed of 2,500 broadband customers, found that nearly 70% of respondents don’t even know how fast their connection should be operating at. This means that even if these people did check the speed of their broadband hookup, they wouldn’t know if the result was good or bad.

While knowing the details and checking the speed of one’s Internet connection is considered good practice, at least one industry pundit feels that the responsibility for all this should lie with the ISP, not the user. “The onus should be on the provider both to ensure customers are getting the speed they’re paying for, and informing them when they’re not,” notes telecom expert Dan Howdle. “Ultimately, it’s pretty unreasonable to expect the average consumer to analyze the quality of their broadband.”

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