The question at this point is not whether a considerable percentage of the American public is dismayed with the state of their bundled cable television subscriptions (the former appears to be a foregone conclusion), but rather, how many consumers will decide to cut the cord, and when they will do it. According to a recently released report assembled by Digitalsmiths, the pro-cord-cutting house research organ of parent company TiVo, approximately 1.5 million Americans are poised to dump their cable, satellite, or IPTV service, while another 38.1 million remain “dissatisfied with their pay-TV service.”

Extrapolating from a Q4 survey of 3000 U.S. adults, the company also found that more than 4% of survey answerers planned to end their pay-TV service within the next six months, almost 8% plan to change their service soon, and nearly 9% had changed their service in the previous quarter. Meanwhile, 78.4% claimed they watch less than 10 channels during their viewing sessions. About the only positive to come out of the survey was that 20.4% of respondents said that they had increased their level of subscription TV recently.

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