A newly published report suggests that Wi-Fi calling has now developed into a “must-have” option for wireless carriers. While Wi-Fi calling in places like the U.K. and Hong Kong has become fairly well entrenched, the technology is still going through its growing pains in the U.S. T-Mobile currently reigns as the world leader in pushing for Wi-Fi calling, while AT&T has put off implementing Wi-Fi calling until the rules that require calling options for the deaf and hard of hearing are straightened out.


According to the article, there exists in the U.S. a large base capable of using Wi-Fi calling, but the technology hasn’t been enabled yet. “It’s not so much obstacles for the implementation of [Wi-Fi calling], but getting it in the hands of more people,” noted analyst Susan Welsh de Grimaldo. The impetus for installing the new technology comes from its improved customer experience, and its calling coverage in places where LTE networks and other services are nonexistent.

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