Are Powerline Adapters Good?

Is your wireless network struggling to support all of your device? Maybe your whole home network could use a boost? If you want stable and reliable internet, there are options to help boost your WiFi network.

Wireless solutions are always ideal, especially in a world that is run by WiFi connected devices. However, there is still something to say about the reliability of a wired connection. Wireless solutions can run the risk of slow speeds and dropped signal because of obstacles and interferences. So, if you want a stable and reliable internet network all of the time, then you want powerline adapters.

Powerline adapters (sometimes called powerline network adapters) are a good home network solution. Powerline adapters help improve internet performance by creating a wired high-speed internet connection using legacy powerline wiring that already exists in homes, so you can turn any power outlet into a better internet connection.

More things to about powerline adapters:

Here are a few other things to know about powerline adapters:

  • They work in pairs
  • They need to connect to your router. Setup is extremely easy.
  • They are a cheaper solution than rewiring your home.
  • They reduce the clutter of cords.
  • Be aware of surge protectors since they can block the Internet signal.
  • Powerline adapters and WiFi can work together to make your home and internet powerhouse.

More Ways to Optimize your Home Network

Not sure if powerline adapters are exactly what you need? While powerline adapters can certainly improve your internet, there are other options to boost you home network. Here is a list of three other technologies to consider and which situations they can help with:

  • Optim Managed WiFi Solution – Managed WiFi provides you with tools to optimize your network. It is a platform that helps manage devices that are connected to you network. Optim enables automatic band steering for optimal speeds. Optim is available through reputable service providers. Optim is great for everyone looking to secure and boost their home network.
  • MoCA – MoCA network adapters are another option for stable and reliable internet. These adapters function similarly to powerline adapters. However, instead of using existing powerlines, MoCA adapters use coaxial wiring. With coaxial wiring, MoCA adapters create a high-speed Ethernet connection. This solution is great for those who want secure internet like with powerline adapters. However, these devices can only be used in areas in the home with coaxial wiring.
  • WiFi Extender – WiFi extenders help eliminate WiFi dead zones in your home by extending your router’s signal reach. WiFi extenders also use coaxial cables that exist in your home. This solution is ideal for those who are looking to enhance their WiFi in rooms that can’t be reached by your router.

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