Are Powerline Adapters Reliable?

You may not know you have a weak or unstable Internet connection until you encounter a buffering video or get kicked from your online game. When your home network is bogged down with a large number of connected devices, you’re bound to experience some degree of lag or instability. This is especially true when your devices are located in a different room from Wi-Fi router. A powerline adapter is a reliable solution that allows you to improve your Internet connection on any device with a physical cable. This direct connection eliminates your device’s dependence on Wi-Fi for endless streaming and online gaming without the frustration.

How Does a Powerline Adapter Work?

Powerline network adapters create a physical connection between your router and a single device, making them especially useful for devices that require a stable Internet connection. Powerline adapters use the existing powerline wires in your home to establish a connection. This means you can easily create a stable connection to any device in any room with a power outlet. Powerline adapters work in pairs. One adapter plugs into the wall outlet by your router. The other adapter is plugged into an outlet in the room where your device is. Connect your device to the adapter using an Ethernet cable to enjoy a fast and stable Internet connection over a powerline.

More Ways to Get More from your Home Network

  • Optim Managed Wi-Fi Solution – Managed Wi-Fi provides you with tools to optimize your network, from managing the devices connected to enabling automatic band steering for optimal speeds. Optim is available through reputable service providers.
  • MoCA –MoCA network adapters are similar to powerline adapters. Instead of using your home’s existing powerlines, MoCA adapters use your home’s existing coaxial wiring to create a high-speed Ethernet connection.
  • Wi-Fi Extender – Wi-Fi extenders are a tool used to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones in your home by extending your router’s reach through coax cables. This solution is ideal for those who are looking to enhance their Wi-Fi in rooms that can’t be reached by your router.

You can learn more about home networking and Managed Wi-Fi with Actiontec’s Complete Guide to WiFi Networking. For the latest news in technology, check out Actiontec’s blog.

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