How Does Powerline ( Ethernet Work?

Home networking is growing more and more complex. Routers, modems, MoCA adapters and other networking accessories can make your home network more efficient, but also include complicated set up and may not reach every room in your home. Even the best router can leave rooms without a WiFi connection. Sometimes getting connected in a dead zone in your home is as simple as plugging in a couple adapters. This is where powerline networking comes into play.

Powerline Ethernet isn’t designed to replace your WiFi, but rather, complement it. A powerline network, also called, uses the existing wiring in your home to either boost your WiFi signal in a specific area or deliver a direct connection to a single device. This offers a clutter free solution to eliminate WiFi dead zones in your home. There are two types of powerline networking: powerline Ethernet and powerline WiFi extender.

How to Boost Device Connection with Powerline Adapter

Powerline adapters create an Ethernet over powerline connection to deliver an Internet connection to a single device. This type of connection is especially useful for computers, gaming consoles, or any device that requires a constant and stable connection. Setting up a powerline Ethernet connection couldn’t be easier. Powerline adapters work in pairs. Simply plug one adapter into a wall outlet by your router and the other adapter into an outlet by your device. Then just connect your adapter to your device using an Ethernet cable and you’ll instantly experience an Internet connection.

Extend Your WiFi with a Powerline Extender

Powerline extenders are useful when you need to connect multiple devices to the Internet. While powerline Ethernet creates a physical connection, a powerline extender boosts WiFi signals to create a wireless connection. Using powerlines to extend your WiFi connection requires a powerline extender and a powerline adapter. Simply plug the adapter into a wall outlet by your router and plug the extender into a wall outlet in the room that needs a signal boost. The powerline extender pairs with the adapter through the existing powerlines in your home to create a wired connection from the adapter/router to the extender. Once paired, the extender can then boost the WiFi signal to reach devices far from the router. Some powerline extenders also feature an Ethernet port for a wired connection to a specific device.

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