How is a Powerline Adapter Better Than WiFi?

WiFi can only have so many devices connected before it starts to suffer. This can poorly impact your gaming, video streaming and other online activities. When your WiFi starts showing signs of struggle – slow speeds, spotty connection, buffering, lag – you can turn to other internet boosting technologies like powerline adapters to get better performance.

How Do Powerline Adapters Work?

Powerline adapters use the legacy wiring that already exists in your home to create a powerful high-speed wired network throughout your entire home. Unlike WiFi, powerline adapters create a reliable and stable internet connection that won’t give you slow internet speeds or a spotty connection.

Like all things, powerline adapters have pros and cons. Here are some to consider when deciding if this is the right network solution for you:

Pros of powerline adapters:

  • Fast and stable WiFi connection every time
  • Only need one cable, which reduces clutter
  • Can place adapters anywhere there is an electrical outlet within your home or office space
  • and Ethernet connection deliver gigabit (Gbps) speeds
  • Great for high-speed internet browsing
  • Great for 4K video streaming
  • Has better consistency and latency than WiFi
  • Pairs with Optim Managed Wi-Fi Solution to help you optimize and manage your entire home network

Cons of powerline adapters:

  • Requires an Ethernet/ cable

While we’ve listed this as a con, wired connections are known to be more stable.  But as you can see, powerline adapters have many more pros than they do cons.

How Do Powerline Adapters Improve Your WiFi Network Performance?

If your router cannot carry your wireless signal to every area of your home, you might consider a physical connection. In this case, with powerline adapters. A powerline adapter sends a strong signal throughout your entire home without cluttering your home with a bunch of Ethernet cords.

Powerline network adapters plug into the wall outlets in your home to use the existing wiring to carry and deliver an internet connection throughout your home. Unlike WiFi, a powerline connection is stable all of the time.  Because, powerline adapters run on a different frequency. This means that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your electrical wiring can handle supporting more power throughout your home.

Setting up powerline adapters couldn’t be easier. You need two adapters since powerline adapters work in pairs. All you have to do is plug one adapter into an outlet near to your router, then plug the other into an outlet near the device you want to connect to. Then, take an Ethernet cable and connect your device to the second adapter. For example, if you want a reliable gaming experience with zero interruptions, you can plug your laptop or your gaming console into the second adapter with the Ethernet cord.

Both powerline adapters and WiFi have their benefits over one another, but one isn’t necessarily better than the other. When powerline adapters and WiFi work together, you get a powerhouse wireless network throughout your home.

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