How does Ethernet Over Powerline Make My Wi-Fi Better?

Sep 26,, Learning Annex

When your Wi-Fi is lacking the range you need for a reliable Internet connection throughout your home, it can be frustrating figuring out what your options are. Wi-Fi signals can struggle to get through walls and floors and even around some appliances in your home. This can lead to dead zones where you have a weak WiFi connection or no connection at all. Fortunately, your home also is designed with the perfect solution: powerline networking.

Powerline Networking &

Powerline networking is technology that uses the existing electrical wiring in your home to communicate data and create a reliable connection to devices that are out of Wi-Fi reach. technology is a specification for home networking that can use either telephone wiring, coaxial cables, powerlines or plastic optical fiber in your home to create a data pipe that delivers a high-speed Internet connection to a specific device. This Ethernet over powerline connection is both fast and reliable, delivering up to 2 gigabits per second in speeds.

Creating a Wired Network with Powerline Adapters

Powerline networking requires adapters, which create a wired connection between the router and a device through the electrical wiring, turning the wall outlets in your home into a component of your home network. Adapters create an Ethernet over powerline connection to deliver an Internet connection to a single device. An Ethernet over powerline connection is especially useful for gaming consoles or other devices that depend on a reliable Internet connection. It’s important to note that adapters must be used with a wall outlet, not a power strip or surge protector as those can disrupt data signals.

Powerline Wi-Fi Extenders

Sometimes a wired Ethernet connection isn’t a great solution when you’re looking to connect multiple devices. A powerline Wi-Fi extender might be the solution for your networking needs. The extender boosts Wi-Fi signals in rooms that are out of reach from your broadband router and offers a wireless connection for devices. powerline extender requires an adapter to be plugged in by your router. The powerline extender pairs with the adapter through the existing powerlines in your home to create a wired connection from the adapter/router to the extender. Once paired, the extender can then boost the Wi-Fi signal to reach devices far from the router. Some powerline extenders also feature an Ethernet port for a wired connection to a specific device.

Benefits of Powerline Networking

  • Eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones without an expensive rewiring project.
  • Setting up adapters and extenders is an easy plug-and-play experience.
  • Some adapters pair with your managed Wi-Fi software for additional network support.
  • hn network adapters offer up to 2 Gbps with an Ethernet connection while powerline Wi-Fi extenders offer up to 300 Mbps of wireless data on a 2.4 GHz band or up to 628 Mbps of wireless data on a 5 GHz band.
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