Powerline Networking: How Does G.hn Work?

Sep 25, 2019G.hn, Learning Annex

G.hn offers a network solution for the areas of your home that Wi-Fi doesn’t reach. G.hn uses existing powerline wires in your home to establish a fast Internet connection, making it easily accessible to any room with a power outlet. The ability to customize your home network configuration using G.hn powerline adapters and extenders means you have the freedom to set up your broadband router anywhere in your home while still enjoying a fast and stable Internet connection. Powerline networking eliminates connection dead zones.

Get Connected with a Powerline Adapter

To tap into your existing powerlines and unlock your home network’s potential with G.hn, you will need a powerline adapter or two. Powerline adapters create a wired connection between the router and a device through the electrical wiring, turning the wall outlets in your home into a component of your home network. Adapters create an Ethernet over powerline connection to deliver an Internet connection to a single device such as a computer or gaming console.
Setting up powerline adapters is simple. Powerline adapters work in pairs. One adapter plugs into the wall outlet by your router. The other adapter is plugged into an outlet in the room where your device is. Just connect your device to the adapter using an Ethernet cable and you’ll be ready to enjoy a fast Internet connection on your device.

Extend Wi-Fi Signal with G.hn Powerline Extender

When a wired Ethernet connection isn’t practical or you’re looking to connect multiple devices in a room with a weak signal, then a powerline Wi-Fi extender might be the solution for your networking needs. Rather than creating a physical Ethernet connection, the extender boosts Wi-Fi signals in rooms that are out of reach from your broadband router and offers a wireless connection for devices.
G.hn powerline extender requires an adapter to be plugged in by your router. The powerline extender pairs with the adapter through the existing powerlines in your home to create a wired connection from the adapter/router to the extender. Once paired, the extender can then boost the Wi-Fi signal to reach devices far from the router. Some powerline extenders also feature an Ethernet port for a wired connection to a specific device.

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