5 Tips for Faster Internet Speeds for Online Gaming

Experiencing slow internet speeds when you’re trying to game? “Annoying” is an understatement. Fortunately, there is a way to fix that issue. Here are five things you can do to up your WiFi speeds, making your online gaming experience faster and better:


Check your internet connection speeds

A good place to start is by checking what your WiFi speeds currently are. This will give you a good idea on how much more you need to improve your wireless network. Better internet speeds will improve your internet connection, which will make gaming a great experience. (No more lag.)

There are a few ways that you can check your WiFi speeds by using speed tests. A WiFi, or internet, speed test will help you identify a good WiFi speed for gaming. Since gaming requires a lot of support, you are likely to look for speeds ranging between 20-25 Mbps if not faster.


Check your router

You can boost your WiFi speeds for gaming by doing a few things with your router:

  • Reboot your router
  • Place your router in an optimal location in your home
  • Remove any obstacles
  • Adjust the antennas
  • Upgrade to a new router

When you improve your router, you improve your network. And sometimes you need to add more routers into the mix.

Have a router for specifically for gaming

You can also get a second router to your primary that you dedicate solely to your gaming devices. Using a separate router can help maintain prime speeds for your gaming. The more devices that connect to a single router, the more your WiFi speeds can slow down. Therefore, dispersing your devices to separate routers can help make your gaming faster.

Improve your bandwidth

You can secure more bandwidth suitable for gaming by closing our applications that are using it up. Whether you know about it or not, there’s always some kind of app running in the background, sucking up your Internet bandwidth. When this happens, lag occurs.

If you have the user permission to do so, close out unnecessary things like security scans, chat messengers or app updates. Removing these from the background will help increase speeds and reduce lag.

Manage your WiFi network

Managing your home wireless network helps optimize every device’s performance, including your gaming devices. Managing your WiFi means keeping inventory of all of your devices, making sure everything is running at its best performance, security is in check, troubleshoots happen automatically, and more. That’s a lot to keep up with on your own manually.

Imagine how much time you could save (hello, more time to game) and guesswork you could save if someone else did the work for you. That’s why using a WiFi management tool like Optim is a great solution. Optim helps you get your wireless network running efficiently and identifies any troubleshoot opportunities.

When your WiFi network is completely managed, your online gaming experience improves.

Don’t worry about interruptions anymore. Make your online gaming experience the best every time you jump on. Optim Managed Wi-Fi solution is available through reputable internet service providers (ISP). You can call and ask yours about Optim today.

Applying all of these tips will help you boost your WiFi speeds for online gaming. You can learn more about home networking and Wi-Fi speeds with Actiontec’s Complete Guide to Wi-Fi Networking which deep-dives into everything you need to know about Wi-Fi. For the latest news in technology, check out Actiontec’s blog




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