How to Reduce Lag for Gaming and Improve Your Internet Speed

Does your computer lag when you’re playing games? Lag is a nightmare. If you are an online gamer, you know what we mean.

Your online gaming experience will suffer if your home network internet connection and internet speed are suffering. As a result, download and upload speeds take forever and lag happens.

But there are a handful of reasons why lag happens and there are ways that you can reduce your chances of experiencing it – if not fix the issue completely. And you will increase your internet speed in the process. (Actually, faster internet speed is the number one way to fix lag – but there is more to it.)

There are various ways that lag manifests itself on your computer when you’re gaming. Here are some of the ways:


Different ways you can experience lag

Lag can manifest in a number of ways. Here are some ways you might be experiencing lag on your PC:

  • Programs open slowly
  • The operating system takes a long time to load or shut down
  • Games, applications and graphics flicker, stutter and frame rates drop
  • Browser windows open slowly, taking forever to load or sending error messages
  • Saving files and download/upload speed of internet connection decreases

While not all of the above lag instances directly translate to your gaming console, you can still experience lag with your console. If your gaming console is lagging, it’s likely because of a poor internet connection. Poor internet connection is the result of a weak WiFi signal (which means slow WiFi speed).

To get your ideal gaming experience, you’re going to need to address these wireless internet issues. You need a stronger WiFi signal and faster WiFi speed to reduce lag.

Here’s how to fix any lag issues you are having:


5 Ways to Reduce Lag

Here are 5 tasks to make sure that you reduce lag from your life. These are things that you should regularly check and do:


1.    Check your WiFi/internet connection

You could be experiencing lag because your WiFi connection is suffering. This could be due to a weak wireless signal, which can be the result of either your router being in a bad place or because you need to extend the reach of your WiFi signal.

Trying to move your router to a more central location in your home. Reboot your router. If this doesn’t help your connection, then maybe your WiFi signal is struggling to reach your gaming console or wherever you are with your PC.

Use WiFi extenders to extend your wireless signal and therefore internet connection to every corner in your home.

If you try these two options and nothing changes with lag, don’t worry. There are other things to try to give your WiFi signal and WiFi speed a boost.


2.    Boost your WiFi signal and speed

Improving your WiFi signal and WiFi speed are crucial for gaming and other online activities (browsing online, streaming video, etc.). Always keep in mind that if your signal suffers, your speed suffers.

Here is a list of things to try for boosting your WiFi signal (which will help boost your internet speed):

  • Switch from the common 2.4GHz band to the 5GHz band (hello WiFi 6!)
  • Re-position your router’s antennas if it has them
  • Upgrade your router to a modern model (with one with antennas)
  • Look to your WiFi network management platform (more on managed WiFi later on)


3.    Improve your connectivity with powerline adapters

Improve how you connect to the internet. WiFi is great, but there are risks when it comes to a wireless connection and the risk is lag or internet disconnection. However, a wired connection is always reliable and offers stable internet that is perfect for gaming.

You might be thinking that a wired connection means that you are going to be drowning in wires. That’s not always the case. In fact, with a “wired” connection like a powerline network, you can get the stable internet you need for gaming.

You can create a powerline network using powerline adapters to get fast, stable internet every time you game online.

Powerline adapters create a “wired” connection throughout your home by using the existing legacy wiring in your home. This way, you get the benefits of wired internet without cables running all over your home. All you have to do is a three-step setup:

  1. Plug one of the powerline adapters into an outlet near your router.
  2. Plug the other powerline adapter into an outlet near to your PC or gaming console.
  3. Connect your PC or gaming console to the powerline adapter nearby.

Yes, you will still need an Ethernet cable for this connection, so you will have to be connected in one spot. But when you are gaming, you are stationary anyways. It’s the trade-off for solid internet connection.


4.    Reduce bandwidth for other programs and applications

Switching from a common band like 2.4GHz band to the 5GHz band is definitely going to help boost your connection for gaming. However, before you make that switch, you can reduce lag by reducing how much bandwidth some of your other programs and applications eat up.

By closing other applications and programs, you can secure suitable bandwidth for gaming. It’s a fact that whether you know about it or not, there’s always some kind of app running in the background, sucking up your Internet bandwidth. Awareness is key in this circumstance.

You can certainly take it upon yourself to keep track of all of the applications, programs and devices that are soaking up your network’s bandwidth, but that can get overwhelming because, let’s face it, it can be a lot of work. (Especially if you do not know exactly what you are doing.)

Thanks to managed WiFi solutions, there are platforms out there that will do this management work for you while also securing your network (win-win):


5.    Manage your entire home network

The last (but the most important) thing that you should do to reduce lag and increase your WiFi speed is to secure and manage your WiFi network.

Managing your home network means that all of your devices are accounted for and unwanted guests are blocked from connecting to your network.  Securing your home network means that every device that connects is protected with expert cyber security.

Both management and security play into a home network that is running at peak performance.

For all of these home network benefits, we recommend a system like Optim.

Optim keeps your home network secure and in order. Which means that your home network is at peak performance and you have fast WiFi all of the time. (No lag!)

Reducing lag is easy with an expert management system like Optim because it tells you right away if there are any WiFi connection or speed issues. Optim Managed WiFi solution platform can expertly manage and diagnose problems so that you can troubleshoot the issue right away and get back to your gaming.

You can get Optim today to improve your WiFi speed and overall gaming experience. OptimTM Managed Wi-Fi solution is available through reputable internet service providers (ISP). 

Applying all of these tips will help you reduce or get rid of lag, boost your WiFi and make your online gaming experience so much better.

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