What is the Best Wi-Fi Signal Strength Meter?

There are a few ways to measure and monitor your Wi-Fi signal strength. You can walk around your space to see where the signal is strongest and weakest. But to get precise measurements, you will need to invest in a more advanced tool. Advanced tools are usually not free, but the insights are worth it. It is important to know your Wi-Fi signal performance.

Is there a tool that works best? Well, that depends on a few factors, but we have a suggestion that we think is great. Just stay with us until the end.

Do you really need to measure your Wi-Fi signal strength? Yes. And here’s why:

Why you need to measure your Wi-Fi signal strength

Without measuring your Wi-Fi signal strength, you won’t know exactly why your Wi-Fi is slow or worse, completely disconnected. Slow Wi-Fi connection isn’t always due to your router needing to be rebooted or your Wi-Fi network being down. Sometimes, it’s because your signal is too weak, and you need to do something about it.

There are a few ways to measure your signal. You can easily get an idea of whether your signal is weak or strong enough for your device(s) by walking around your home and looking at the Wi-Fi symbol on your device(s). If the solid bars on the Wi-Fi symbol increase in a certain area of your home, then you know your signal is stronger there. If the bars decrease, you know where the signal is weak in your home.

You can also use paid tools to measure you signal strength. These tools give you exact number measurements that land on a scale. This scale tells you exactly how strong your signal is and what kind of activity you can perform with your Wi-Fi signal.

Generally, you want your Wi-Fi signal strength to fall on the scale between -50 to -60 decibels per milliwatt (dBm). The entire scale goes from -30 to -90 dBm. (We wrote a whole article about what these numbers mean and how to understand them.) Advanced tools will give you the specific numbers you need.

What tool to use to measure your Wi-Fi signal

There are apps and free analyzers to use, but the best tools will measure the signal strength and give you specific number results.

A tool like Optim™ Managed Wi-Fi solution is a great option. Optim not only tells you your signal strength, but offers a dashboard that is easy to read and understand. This is helpful for you or a professional to diagnose and troubleshoot any problem that your network has. Optim also offers other tools to help you manage your entire home Wi-Fi network, which takes the overwhelming task off of your hands.

So, which tool is the best? It depends on your situation. Optim is available through reputable Internet Service Providers and can help you get your network in good shape today.

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