What does MoCA® have to do with WiFi?


MoCA® might just be the best kept secret for giving your home network the WiFI boost it needs. WiFi Wireless Network Extenders with MoCA® can to take your WiFi from “OK” to a 900 Mbps. WiFi boosting “Oh YES!”



Use Wires to
Accelerate your WiFi

If you know about MoCA® (Multimedia over Coax Alliance and
MoCA® technology), you probably consider it a home network
technology that enables distribution of content like streaming
movies or online gaming over existing TV coax cables. The primary
job of MoCA technology is to guarantee delivery of internet and
WiFi to your WiFi devices.

Think of the distance from your WiFi Router to all your wireless devices. If your WiFi Router is on the 2nd floor office and your favorite 4K wireless device is in the basement, then the WiFi signal has to travel a daunting distance from your office to the basement. Not installing one or more WiFi Network Extenders with MoCA lets you receive fast and high performing WiFi — to every corner of your home.

Here’s how that WiFi boost happens. The WiFi Wireless Network Extender with MoCA® talks to
your WiFi router using TV coax cables.

Next the WiFi Extender takes WiFi and the internet signal from your existing WiFi router and broadcasts it out to every WiFi device within reach.

It’s as if all your WiFi devices are connected directly to your main
WiFi router. So without overworking the WiFi router, the WiFi
Wireless Network Extender increases WiFi speed and performance
all over your home.

Think of the WiFi Wireless Network Extender with MoCA as your
personal WiFi butler, serving up a WiFi boost of speed whenever a
device wants it, regardless of its location.

In fact, MoCA® conducted tests to confirm that using a ‘wire’ (TV
coax cable) actually boosted WiFi performance. Independent
testing firm Dekra compared Actiontec’s WiFi Wireless Network
Extenders with MoCA® against other WiFi only network extenders.
Tests showed Actiontec’s WiFi Wireless Extenders with MoCA
outperformed other WiFi extenders by a wicked 900 Mbps of WiFi
boosting speed and performance. Other extenders provided a mere 300 Mbps or less.

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