What is Miracast?

Miracast is a technology that allows you to create a wireless connection between your mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop) and a projector or HDTV. It “mirrors” ANY CONTENT on your mobile device screen that you want to share with others on the big screen. This includes photos, streaming audio or video, presentations and more.

Here’s some good news: no MHL cables or wires are required! And, you won’t even need a Wi-Fi network since Miracast creates its own wireless signal between your device and the TV.


Miracast History

The Wi-Fi Alliance developed Miracast in 2012. Miracast technology is now built-in to Android devices with 4.2 or later operating systems. It allows you to screen mirror without wires. It also works in other devices that support the technology, like Windows 10.

One of the best things about Miracast is that you’re not limited as to the type of content you can display. You can stream video, or share photos and music along with other types of media from any Miracast-enabled device to your big screen TV.


Features of Miracast

There’s no need to download an App. Many devices have Miracast technology built-in such as the Samsung Galaxy 8 and other Android phones. Devices with Windows 8 or 10 also have the technology built in.  

In addition, Miracast creates its own wireless signal between your mobile device and the receiver.  What this means is you don’t have to rely on using a home Wi-Fi network to share your mobile device screen.


How Miracast Works

Miracast allows for true screen mirroring without MHL cables or fancy hardware. All you need to make it work are two things: 


  • First, your mobile device needs to be Miracast enabled, like a Samsung smartphone or other Android device. Devices that use Windows 8 or 10 also have it built-in.
  • Second, pick up an ‘adapter’ (also called a ‘receiver’), like Actiontec’s ScreenBeam Mini2, which plugs right into your TV.
  • Using Miracast, you can then connect wirelessly to share ANY content on your mobile device screen seamlessly to your big screen.
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